Project Description

‘Walking the Rocks’

app promo video

JLUY 2014

A Ninja Promo for The Nest to promote The Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority’s new augmented reality app

The Nest approached ginja ninja to help them develop an app promo video that would show a new augmented reality app in action. They wanted the video to have a voice over narration along with images of people interacting with the app on location in the rocks.

The Nest had a clear idea of the story that needed to be told so the first step for us was to try and capture images that would work against the script that had been written. We conducted a reccy and walked the tour taking still images to help form a storyboard to bring the script to life visually.

One of the clear challenges was going to be how to shoot the app in a way that would be visually interesting for the audience. Early on we decided that it would be great to see the augmented reality images full screen rather than just on the app itself, so the Nest’s graphics team supplied us with those images and we were able to animate those onto our footage of some of the most visually interesting locations. The graphics tie in beautifully to the overall brand identity that had been created around the Rocks for SHFA.

In order to keep the budget down we worked with members of the SHFA team instead of actors and kept direction as loose and natural as possible.