Project Description

‘XXXX Top Secret’

social media teaser

JULY 2015

A Ninja Promo for ResPublica to launch a new beer for XXXX

Res Publica approached us to help them create a social media teaser to promote a new XXXX beer.

Because this new beer needed to be shrouded in secrecy up to its release there were some issues involved in coming up with a concept for this video. ginja ninja were allowed access into the factory to film the bottling of the new XXXX Pale Ale for the media release but this footage was not able to be included in the vignette that was to go out in advance.

From the creative that Res Publica provided, we storyboarded a little teaser sequence to try and tantalise the viewer as much as possible. We decided to give the vignette a slightly James Bond feel to appeal to the target audience.

The concept that Res Publica had come up with was to cover a pallet of beer with a large black cloth to hide the packaging and film that. As this was not a particularly exciting concept visually we tried to make the most of filming the elements that made it seem ‘Top Secret’. So we went to town on filming the chains with the help of some friendly Toohey’s workers and tried to edit it in an enigmatic way. Finally placing the James Bond sounding music helped to sell this simple concept into a short sweet vignette.